If only Oly could produce a 17 mm 1.2

Started May 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
ChrisDM Veteran Member • Posts: 3,097
My dream lens!

Yes, this would be my dream lens! I have a full set of nikkors for my d800 but I shoot with my 35 1.4 about 80 percent of the time. Its just such a versatile aperture, particularly suited to fast apertures as well. Please Olympus please!

Ps i have the panny 20 which is decent but its sf often cant keep up with my boys.

MrScorpio wrote:

I have never regretted I ditched my Canon 5d2, except for my old L-class 35 mm. That was the hardest thing to let go for me...

It was so perfect for indoor shots of the kids including enough of the surrounding environment to put the shot into context.

I really miss this focal length with a large Aperture...

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