Depth of Field on the M43 is in fact better not worse.....

Started May 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Depth of Field on the M43 is shallower

I posted a few days back that all things being EQUAL, the M43 camera will have a shallower DoF. People freaked and insited you must make things un-equal (and then called it equivalence - go figure) and stand a lot father away with the M43 camera to widen the DoF.

I even posted a link to DoF calculators proving this, but again everyone wanted to make the parameters un-equal.

So here is the truth:

A 50mm lens at F/1.8 on a FF camera at ISO200 will have the same exposure and more DoF as a 50mm lens at F/1.8 on an M43 camera at ISO200.

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