Don't call 135 format "FF" ANY MORE!!!

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FF means 36x24mm

While you could argue a m43 system is "full frame", because it in fact uses the full frame of the lens, most don't call it "full frame", because it already has a commonly defined moniker, which is "four thirds" The term "four thirds" defines a sensor about 18x13mm, and the term "full frame" commonly defines a sensor 36x24mm. And of course there are sizes inbetween, ACP-H, APS-C, etc etc.

So, you can call a m43 sensor "full frame" if you like, but to most in the digital world you would be referring to a sensor that once again is 36x24mm. You could more clearly use the term "four thirds" as opposed to "full frame", so the rest of the world, not just an odd minority of m43fanboys, would know which sensor you're referring to.

And if you mistakenly think I'mknocking the format, I'm not. I shoot with a full frame Nikon D800 and a m43 OM-D. Love them both!

And to simply support this fact, literally every digital camera knowledge source on the net supports this common naming convention. This is a LONG list of respected references you're going to have to convince they're wrong. If you'd be wise enough to do a little research here you'll see every one of these sourses refers to a full frame sensor as being 36x24mm in size, and a four thirds sensor being 18x13 in size. Pretty simple really:

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