SAR SR5 Rumor: New 16-50 G lens is PANCAKE!

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Re: SAR SR5 Rumor: New 16-50 G lens is PANCAKE!

That's definitely not a pancake, but, with that size of a front element, it also doesn't look like a 3.5 - 5.6.

I think that Sony changed their minds and decided that they'd be better off coming out with a slower, smaller, G zoom, and leaving the LA-EA + 16-50 A mount for those that wanted a fast but large lens in this focal length range.

sean lancaster wrote:

ravinj wrote:

I can offer up to $1200 if Sony can really produce a no compromise 16-50 G quality pancake in that small size. I have my doubts though and would be happy to be proven wrong.

Your doubts may be correct if flicks' photo is accurate:

flicks wrote:

doesn't look like a pancake to me...

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