Well folks, I was wrong!! Read on....

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Well folks, I was wrong!! Read on....

I said a few days ago that good things come to those who wait.

I was wrong.

The first xxxxx3 5D Mark III that I got had dust in the viewfinder, which I mentioned in this forum. I exchanged it.

The second xxxxx3 5D Mark III that reached me a few days ago had dust/debris in the viewfinder as well. I initially thought it was clean when I posted “good things come to those who wait”, but then the following day when trying to take a shot of a vulture up in the sky, I noticed some obvious black spots in focus on my viewfinder.

So, I exchanged it for yet another 5D Mark III, which reached me today.

.....And lo- and behold.....there’s dust in the viewfinder on this unit too.

That’s three 5D Mark III cameras in a row with dust in the viewfinder (i.e. dust/debris that is in focus, which tells me that it’s on the focusing screen).

I’m going to keep this one because the dust is in a location I can tolerate and it’s only one spot (i.e. just one spot that I’ve discovered thus far).

But I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this in their new 5D Mark IIIs? That is, specs of dust/debris visible when looking through the viewfinder, that cannot be blown away with a blower?

I’m wondering if this is an ongoing issue with Canon quality control?

Also, I am a little concerned because the unit that reached me today (sent via UPS) came in a box that looks like it took a good whack, and indeed, the Canon box surrounding the 5D Mark III kit was bent in just slightly. Should this be a concern, or am I right in assuming that the camera can easily take a few good knocks without issue?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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