D1x vs D2h

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I must've missed your question... sorry

pc168 wrote:

As a D700 user, I'm considering to get a used D2hs to give a try. Interested to know, if I shoot raw and use Capture NX2 to convert to jpg (w/o any post-processing, just a direct conversion), how good is the converted jpg?

NX has given me the best direct conversion so far for Nikon, I don't like the interface at all and wish Nikon (and Canon for that matter) had someone else create the UI for them as I find NX and Canon's DPP a disjointed experience. At least Capture NX does a fine job better than Adobe Camera Raw to my eyes. Canon's DPP just isn't worth the time to my eyes.

I like working in one package so I'll usually use Photoshop (ACR) or at times Lightroom, with Photoshop being my typical workflow.

Teila Day wrote:

capanikon wrote:


D2x fixed it. (and D2xs.) (and pretty much every Nikon DSLR that was produced afterward ... D80, etc.)

The D2hs was produced after the D2x.

I've spent most of my (Nikon) time behind a D2hs which I still have and shoot. It is considerably different compared to the D2h (which I never considered) and a world better IMO than the D1x.

If I was given the choice between a D1x and D2h, I wouldn't hesitate to take the D2h, and it wouldn't cross my mind to grab the D1x.
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