Xpro1 getting slower...?

Started May 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Xpro1 getting slower...?

A proffesional rally driver doesn't expect to win races with any car but may appreciate any car for what it can do nonetheless.

I have successfully photographed moving cars, runners and cyclists wide open and did many spontaneous portraits with the XP1. Did it miss focus sometimes? Yes it did. But most cameras miss focus shooting wide open! I shoot sports with a 7D and it almost never misses then, but when shooting a portrait lens wide open on moving people, the 7D also misses sometimes.... I am actually amazed how well and accurate the XP1 can be in these situations if you are accurate in your aim.

Being a former professional, I know one will miss images if you cannot control everything, a shocking insight surely for the gearheads shooting moving flowers with a D4...

I am glad I didn't listen to all the negative reports on the AF and tried the XP1 extensively in my shop... And bought it without regrets, love what it does!

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