Pentax 645 legacy glass and metering on D800

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Re: Pentax 645 legacy glass and metering on D800

In the meantime I have run into a D800 in a Saturn electronics shop in Wuppertal (Germany) on Friday and bought one out of a lot of two cameras that were sitting on the shelf. Thus no need to rent one again.

It comes with the Nikkor 85 1.8 G which I found very convincing during the trial with the rented set.

Based on the hints provided here, it was fairly easy to sort out the metering issue. Thanks for that! However Nikon might have allowed to dial in the exact focal length and not only those that are common in Nikon land. Owing to that, my Pentax FA 120 f4 can only be dialed in as a 135 mm lens.

Nevertheless I had the chance to do flower shots of lillies during my further test shots with the 120. I have to say wide open you can do fantastic flower shots with a very nice bokeh. However compared to my Olympus E-5 with ZD 50 macro it becomes clear that there is no image stabilisation. This was clear to me beforehand and with handheld shots I am taking even more care to apply very proper technique in order to stabilize the camera lens combo. This training in better technique of handholding may also be beneficial for my further macro shots with the E-5 with even slower shutter speeds. Both combos deliver particular signatures with macro shots which means that one is not going to substitute for the other.

I have also done an initial try with the Pentax 120 for portraits. It works wide open, even though the keeper rate is not as high as with the Nikkor 85.

Over the next two days I will also try out the Pentax FA 300 f4 provided I find the right subject matter for more than just test shots. On Monday the Nikkor will go for extended portraiture. Other lenses for further tests are the FA 75, A 45 and A 200.

As soon as I find the time, I will post some examples on my fotocommunity gallery.

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