Fox Squirrel - HX30V - more lousy pictures

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Re: Fox Squirrel - HX30V - more lousy pictures

Hooterville wrote:

I see a Fox Squirrel so I grab the Sony HX30V and took a few pictures.

These were taken on the automatic setting and the zoom extended as he was not too close. What lousy pictures again from the HX30V.

ISO 800 does not help but it was on auto.

Look at this garbage:

At least three reasons for the unsharpness:

1) you zoomed in to 89 mm (or about 500 mm 35 mm equivalent). This requires a shutter speed of 1/500the of a second or even less to avoid camera shake. Your exposure time was much more than that. The broblem is, of course, that if you use faster shutter speed, you have to increase ISO value, which leads to more noise..

2) You used iSO 800. For all compact cameras, this is too much to avoid noise. ISO 100 woud be significantly better, but of course the slow lens wouldn´t allow that.

3) You didn´t use a tripod.

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