About those nasty feeling OM-D buttons...

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Why are E-M5 buttons finicky?

In the dozen or more E-M5 cameras I have had a chance to play with in Tokyo they all had finicky buttons. Sometimes when I would press a button nothing would happen so I would have to press it again. Sometimes when I pressed a button 1 time it would cause 2 or 3 actions (for example one press would cause 2 or 3 advances in the menu or SCP). I would say about 20% of the time it would do one of those things. Is this because of the weather sealing? If so, isn't the shutter button also weather sealed? I never experienced any problems with the shutter button.

I used to have a weather sealed Pentax K7 and the buttons on it were fine so I am somewhat doubtful that the fiddly, finicky E-M5 buttons can be blamed on weather sealing.

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