New X-Pro 1 home but few disappointments...

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Re: New X-Pro 1 home but few disappointments...

Frederico70x7 wrote:

Just brought home last night an X-Pro 1 with 35 & 18. Haven't done any serious shooting yet but found 2 disappointments.

The lens hood doesn't secured and rigid when attached to the 35 lens. Although it will not come off but there is wiggle room (left and right movement)

The aperture ring on 35 is butterly smooth (similar to Leica lenses). But same on the 18 is completed story. It is really sticky and very difficult to turn.

On 35, there is considerable noise when the lens is focusing or changing aperture diaphragm (on AF-S and AF-C modes). Firmware versions on camera and lens are up to date of 1.01

Oh, there is no diopter adjustment on viewfinder! I wear bifocal and need to move my chick and use the lower portion of my glasses to have. Clear view on EVF

I think it will be easy fix for diopter by getting an add-on, but which will fit X-Pro 1?

For lens hood and aperture ring, are these normal or should I get replacement?

Does FW 1.01 fix lens chattering or this is different problem?

Lens hood and cover are known issues, The hood on mine twists off with little effort and is annoying. When shooting it seems to stay on well enough to be useable. The aperture ring on my 18mm is smooth, I suggest you return yours.

The noise level when focusing with the 35mm is higher than most canon and nikon lenses I have used but I never realized it until just now when I check to reply to your post. So I don't think it is abnormally loud just louder than Nikon and Canon pro lenses I have used.

I can't help you with Diopter.

I am still using Firmware v1 and I have no lens chatter.

YMMV, IMHO, etc, etc,

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