OM D focal length readout in Viewfinder?

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Re: OM D focal length readout in Viewfinder?

Thanks for the information. I checked again, and the focal length is showing up as you described, small numbers in the upper right hand corner, when I zoom.

The GH2 threw me off. The readout is much larger, in the lower center, with a moving bar, plus numbers. Surprising how different they display.

Gregm61 wrote:

If it works like the E-P3, there is no "activating" it. It just shows as a small number in the upper right-hand side of the finder, but only for a couple of seconds. If you are using a zoom, it activates as you zoom so you can see the focal lengths as you are zooming, but it will not remain on the entire time. If you have a prime mounted, it shows in the finder the first couple of seconds after the camera is turned on, then goes away.

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