Sigma go towards a niche 'purist' type camera.

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Re: Sigma go towards a niche 'purist' type camera.

rf-design wrote:

A square 22mmx22mm sensor could play in a much different camera concept. The point is that framing with todays DLSRs and past film have two major limitations:

1. Framing in the viewfinder with a zoom lens requires to remember what to put into the pictures and what to leave outside. The benefit is that a lens is used at the maximum image field. A more ergonomic way of framing is to show in a possible EVF or overlaid OVF a frame which is smaller than the total 22mmx22mm field. Then framing is much more ergonomic because it show what is within and what outside.

Not sure, but I believe the SD9 had a "sport finder" which showed an area larger than that captured by the sensor. This idea was later dropped of course.

If people tried to bring that back now, the immediate complaint would be "how come I can't see the sport finder in the live view?".

DP2M has no integral optical viewfinder, so a third-party accessory can play to a minority. This would be a good place to bring back the wireframe viewfinder, popular in the 1930s. Retro, and cool!

My own preference regarding sensor aspect ratio is to stay with 3x2. The square niche is 66% of that image area, the 16x9 niche is 84% of that image area, and the 5x4 niche is 83% of that image area. Overall, a good compromise I think, and since the SD sensors are APS-C size now, no choice would involve a big loss of clarity.

I think it would be good to have these lines inscribed into the SD1 viewfinder, and I think it would be good to have an option to see these aspect ratio framing choices as bright lines in the live-view display of the DPxM series. Not only this, maybe a third party focus screen for the SD1, such as those by Haoda, could include some bright lines too (I'm not sure if a Haoda focus screen for the SD1 is available at all, at this point).
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