Show me-don't talk about DOF FF vs u4/3

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I raise with the GF1 kit lens.

Just for sharing, using the gf1 kit lens.
20mm f1.7 @ f2


I'm not so fool to question the 2 stop of flexibility a FF setup has over m4/3. That's math.

But sometimes it seems that people think m4/3 cannot takes photos at all...

At the moment, I personally don't need and don't want to pay the burden of a FF system for that 2 stop of flexibility. Can you imagine your FF+85mm f1.4 side by side a GF1+20mm?

Also I miss much more shots because the dof of the 20mm sometime is too shallow, and I'm not so good at controlling it when I have no time to think, or when I need it open because of darkness.

Actually when I saw that two photos printed on 30x40cm, I stopped caring about pixel, sensor size and gear, and started caring how to improve my photographic skills.

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