Played with the 12-35mm today

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Re: Played with the 12-35mm today

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

peppermonkey wrote:

Dropped by the Henry's Exposure show in Mississauga (Canada) today. And they had the preproduction model of the 12-35mm to play with.

Can't say much about it's optical qualities though I did take a few snaps with it on my GF1. Still, haven't looked at the photos taken nor was I trying to take any real test shots.

Was only playing with it for the feel of the lens. And as to that, all I can say is that it feels real nice. Lovely. Damn, if I had the money I'll buy it type feel The focus and zoom rings were very smooth, easy to turn and as we already know, quiet. Though the show was loud so I guess I can't really comment on the noise.
Goes pretty well with my GF1. Now if only I can afford one.

Yes, it seems really good, and it is not heavy for a lens like that

Wish I could afford one now, but have to think better, and my goal is to have both, 12-35mm and 35-100mm

You are mixing your goal with your means. Your goal is to get photographs taken, your means is through the buying of these lenses

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