How many people are actually keeping their D800(E)?

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Re: This AF thing gets stranger and stranger ...

alabaster wrote:

It might sound strange but this is when I question the validity of these claims. Frankly, I have no problem calling bull on the claim that one person had three bad D800s in a row. You pick the scenario of samples taken at random or three consecutive serial numbers and I will bet you couldn't duplicate the claim of three bad D800s in a row.

I don't get why you find this 'bull'. Are you just unable to accept a perfectly reasonable person's blog post as being true. Do you always think people are posting lies?

Statistically speaking it is near impossible. It falls into the same category as accurately predicting the end of the world twice. And no I do not take what I read on the net as actual true facts unless I can verify. Without verification the claims are nothing more than fiction righting and very rarely elevate past the general entertainment stage.

On a statistical basis the scenario is also quite reasonable. I mean its quite plausible that dozens of D800s coming off the production line in a row all have this fault. So you could buy a dozen cameras from the same source and all would have the same fault.

True, anything is possible, but is most likely improbable. To many variable in the equation to make this scenario probably. I'm not a believer until evidence is presented. Did Nikon make a statement acknowledging the problem? If so, I will be a believer. I can't fond anything on Nikon's site about this issue.

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