Found in Canon forum,exactly why investing in E-mount lens is the safest for future

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Found in Canon forum,exactly why investing in E-mount lens is the safest for future

This is exactly why I said investing in Sony E-mount lens is safest bet

I said neither APS-C or Sony sensor will gone and someone said maybe they will abandon NEX

Anything can happen in this world but even Canon has to enter mirrorless, you still think NEX will be abandon by Sony

Not a chance in my opinion, mirrorless is the future. In 10 years the best DSLR will be is half and half with mirrorless and the worst is completely disappeared (I don't think they will seeing that film is still not quite dead yet)

I see someone response that they just spend $1000 on MFT lens and the lens is good. I don't argue with that as long as you have lots of cash to burn. Lens is a long term investment and I am not sure if MFT would still be around in the future

In my opinion not even new DSLR lens is a safe investment but at least it is safer than MFT. A completely new format that is still a minority in all camera sensor used today

xenon-mkd - 2 days ago

Does Canon even remotely own technology for making image sensors at least on par with Sony's offerings?
Canon seems to be stuck in 2007, nothing has changed much on the sensor end.
If 5D MKIII couldn't deliver, I doubt the upcoming APS-C variants will either.

The 16MP sensor in D5100, Nex 5N, D7000 is 20% better than the 18MP sensor in 550d, 600d, 7d, etc.

The 24mpix sensor in D3200 for $500 is also amazing but I'm waiting for it's 14bit variant.
D800 stomps the 5dm3
I feel Canon can't answer Sony's call at least for the next 2-3 years.
Hello Canon?

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