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Re: Crash test sled...

Hans Kruse wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

But did you know the speed of the flying birds relative to you? the way i would imagine the rest run is to have the train coming towards to the camera at speed X, camera takes a series of shots, then take another series at X + 10kph, then another series at X + 20kph. and review would state how many were sharp out a series in each speed.

It seems you missed my point Things moving at a fairly constand speed it not a real challenge and as mentioned the old 5D could handle these situaitons. The real test is more irregular movements.

The difficulty is with AI-servo is not merely the thing is moving at speed, but the thing is moving at speed relative to you. it doesnt have to be irregular at all. try shoot a sequence of a dog that is running towards you and you will understand, I have done it hundreds times.

I realise readers wont really have a direct understanding of how this translate into real world performance, but it would become a useful comparison measure for Camera A against camera B.

I agree that a mechanical setup that could be easily repeated for different cameras would be useful. If the setup mimicked real situations, or course. I would expect camera engineers at Canon and Nikon etc. have such setups to systematically test the AF systems under development.

They do, but they do not disclose their results, just as they dont disclose DR or high ISO performance. and this is why we have reviews, to tell us what canon and nikon wouldnt.

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