Help what am I doing wrong!!

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I'm confused

You say, "(shutter does activate focus). If the shutter is activating focus, everytime you press the shutter, it's going to refocus. Again, is a4 set to AF-Only. If it is, the shutter should NOT be activating focus.

Also, do you mean the focus point jumps all over inside the viewfinder? That does not happen with mine d800 unless it's in 3D or auto.


Joe Farrell wrote:

So I did a test with D800 and D3s. D800 set to AF-C, 21 points, lock on to low contrast with AF-ON, single depress of AF-ON (shutter does activate focus) and the focus points jumps all over. D800 AF-C with single point and focus points do not jump. D3s in any of the conditions the focus point does not jump. Same position and same subject. On the D800 with a nice and bright subject, spot on each time no focus point jumping.

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