YN-560 won't trigger with RF-602

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Re: Can you trigger it with an optical slave?

eNo wrote:

I have an optical triggering system, namely Nikon CLS/AWL. Originally I tried using these flashes with CLS/AWL, and they triggered unreliably: both strobes. So I set them aside until I could get my hand on radio triggers... now this.

The optical triggering system on the YN-560 is reliable, but it is not in any way compatible with Nikon's AWL.

Turn off AWK and set your a camera's pop-up flash to manual (i.e. make sure it does not fire any pre-flashes). Set the YN-560 to its plain slave mode (S1).

If you check this out, you should find the YN-560 reliable indoors. (Optical tend to work less well outdoors - but that goes for all brands.)

As for triggering the YN-560 with the RF-602, I've not experienced any problems. Make sure that both slave modes (S1 and S2) is turned off when the RF-602 is used to trigger the YN-560.

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