Do you use AF-ON or shutter half-press to focus?

Started May 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Do you use AF-ON or shutter half-press to focus?

All the auto focus options, custom settings, multi-points, tracking, etc etc. have gone beyond the point of diminishing return for me. Coming from a medium format/ film background I decided that the only thing that made sense for what I do would be to use the AF-on button and continuos mode because that came closest to what I have always done - get a good focus, recompose and shoot until I had to refocus. I do a lot of people photography and I have always considered that I might be doing something terribly basic for all the focus capability the camera offers, but it seems that I'm in good company with most of you folks. I know I press and let go that AF button a lot, but it has become second nature and works great.

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