My comparasons FF and m4/3 same flowers diffrent lenses

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debo: for the same focal length/aperture , m4/3 = less creamy bokeh

I agree. My Canon 85mm f/1.2 has both a mild tele compresion on FF and a super wide open aperture of f/1.2. This provides a razor thin DOF at that lens minimum focusing distance of approx. 3 feet and great bokeh. On FF DSLR's the DOF at 3 feet to subject at f/1.2 is around 3mm or 1/4 inch. Many photographers and people viewing a portrait made in this mannor sometimes comment that they think the lens is soft or that the image is missfocused. it's not soft, nrt missfocused. It's the very thin DOF, allowing subject isolation and anything in front of, or behind the DOF is becoming softer and softer. Exactly why I use the Canon 85mm f/1.2L on my Canon 1DsMkII. But, still it may be an aquired taste.

In a side view portrait it's not possible to have both eyes within the DOF. But I like the way I can emphasize the eye that I select to be in focus and the other eye is becoming softer as it lies outside of the DOF.

debo wrote:

Since the effective DOF is also a function of the sensor size, I guess we need a larger aperture at the same effective focal length. For example 50/2.8 on FF = 77/1.8 on APSC = 100/1.4 on m4/3

Maybe thats the equation .... If you want razor thin DOF you need bigger glass, larger apertures and longer focal .... but I have noticed bokeh becomes too smooth if you go beyond a focal length!

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