My comparasons FF and m4/3 same flowers diffrent lenses

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Spectacle99: My comparasons FF and m4/3 same flowers diffrent lenses

Thanks I appreciate your comments.

All images that I posted here are at each lenses respective Minimum focusing distance. What I am saying is that it would not be possible to bring the front element of each lens any closer to the subject flower and still maintain focus.

For my other thread I actually shot the image with no intention of posting any comments. I was just out shooting and I selected f/4 for the subject flower image sharpness. I was surprised that even at that Av I was getting great seperation of the subject from the remainder of the image. That's why I started the other thread because I was impressed with f/4. That image was also shot at the lenses minimum closest focusing distance.

I remember commenting in the first thread that I could if I needed too, shoot another image of the same subject flower now using f/1.4 with the same camera and lens to illusttrate shallow DOF and creamy bokeh. That is what I have done in this second post - second image.

Spectacle99 wrote:

OK, now you're getting somewhere. That second shot at f1.4 is what you should have posted at the top of your other thread. Nice creamy bokeh.

That said, the comparison still doesn't work here, because your m43 shots are all from significantly farther back. They need to be from exactly the same position, so the same effective focal length is used. This is precisely what produces the shallowest depth of field: a longer focal length close-focused on something. At those respective distances, I could have gotten my pocket point-and-shoot to have produced shallower depth of field close up than the m43 camera at that greater distance.

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