Show me-don't talk about DOF FF vs u4/3

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I have started a new thread with comparasons

I have started a new thread with comparasons between my Kodak SLR/n and my m4/3 Olympus E-PL1 with VF-2. I used the same subject violet flower. But on the E-PL-1 I used 3 different lenses in my attempts to produce narrow DOF and good bokeh. However I feel that this was not all to succesfull. Go have a look.

BTW the new thread is really for those photographers who do not have a FF DSLR or are wondering how the field of view, DOF and bokeh can look as compared with m4/3. It's not an all encompasing comparason as I do not own all m4/3 lenses or bodies. Also I am not a paid tester so I used informal regular everyday techniques that I actually do use as my style.
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