Good messenger bag for vacation/street photography. For OM-D EM5 and 2 lens.

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Re: Check out luggage stores

Really, there's no need to carry most of this stuff.

One minute on weather dot com will let you get rid of the jacket, sweater, and sun cap from your bag. You'll either end up wearing them or leaving them behind.

$5 will cover the snacks. Snacks aren't like water; you can easily go all day without snacking, even a full day of walking around, playing tourist in a new city.

The iPad should stay at home/hotel. There's really no need to drag it around with you all day. If you need to get online or read an e-book, while out and about, use your iPhone instead. The only time I carry my iPad these days is at the airport.

The second body should remain in the hotel/home too. Even in the airport, you can pack the second body in your carry-on luggage. If you really need that second body with you, like if you are on safari, have your spouse carry it.

That should reduce the size of your bag by quite a bit.

SphericalAberration wrote:

When reading bag threads, I fequently wonder if many photographers ever venture more than a few minutes from their cars.

My bag priorities are not just for 2 bodies and 2 to 4 lenses, batteries etc. - but also:

wind / shower proof shell jacket
light sweater
sun glasses
sun peaked cap
sun cream
snack bars

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