So Kirk Tuck inspired me..

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So Kirk Tuck inspired me..

To stick to the square format for a little while, and see what I come up with.

I'm a portrait addict, and I think he's a great portrait photographer with a lot of insight and skill, and his square B&W portraits are just what works for me.

Since I can natively shoot in 1:1 (well, I know it's a crop but it is seamless getting those square frames) on the GX-1, I thought I'd give it a go.

Today was a beautiful and peaceful day for me so I decided to focus on photography :

For a change I'll start with my horse, a little 4 year old full of spunk, but with a golden heart.

By now you're all accustomed to this little lady. The original file is plenty sharp, the retro/soft effect is deliberate (I'm in my old polaroid phase, please bear with me, lol).

This is my trusty "hardseat" Bona Allen saddle, a genuine ranch saddle made in Bufford, GA. I know nothing of its history, it's been imported to France and could be 20 years old, for all I know...

I so wish I could be in a horse's head and understand how they "think". They are such mysterious creatures. Some think they're dumb. I think they're just very different.

Mandatory cat pic ! I know, I know, it's not a new camera, BUT, it's been taken with my new 40-150 ! Boy I like this little lens' performance. Ok, it's rather unattractive and operation is horrid (super stiff zoom ring and terrible plasticky feeling). But it sure does deliver, I like it better than the very plain Panny 45-200 I intially bought, and returned (maybe I got a so-so sample though).

Ok, I have to admit, I just love this shot. Probably one of my best in a loooong time :

I hope Kirk gets to see them !!


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