Why is AutoISO on the D7000 so worthless

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why it was worthless for you

digitalman4242 wrote:

Instead it used like 1/4000 @ 2.8 with ISO 3200. Every shot was ISO 3200.

You set your base ISO to 3200.

Base ISO (the ISO you set with the button on the back of the camera).

The Auto ISO feature calls for you to set min shutter speed and maximum ISO. You set min shutter to 1/200s and max ISO to 3200. The problem was what you set your normal ISO (base ISO) to before you set Auto ISO to on. Using the above settings. If you set your normal ISO (base ISO) to 400 then turn Auto ISO "on" ISO can go as low as 400 and as high as 3200 (generally speaking as there are a few exceptions I think). If you set your normal ISO to 1600 then turn Auto ISO on with your above settings, ISO will float to between 1600 and 3200. If you set your normal ISO (base ISO) to 3200 with your above settings.....then the camera will use nothing but ISO 3200. This could have happened because you forgot to change your base ISO to something lower than your Auto ISO max setting or you accidentally bumped it up with "Easy ISO" being on. There are a few other ways it can happen. If you upload an example pic in the way I said earlier...I am pretty sure the Base ISO setting you had set will show 3200 with a max Auto ISO of 3200. I hope this explanation helped and made it a bit clearer what most likely happened.

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