Best focus settings for toddler crawling / walking around?

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Re: Best focus settings for toddler crawling / walking around?

Rick_Smith wrote:

I have read lots of different websites on the best focus settings for the D7000 and it's making my head spin.

I normally take pictures of our 1 year old crawling (And soon to be walking) around the house (and sometimes outside.) What focus settings would you suggest for this?

Also what settings would you suggest for getting good shots of him on his baby swing out side? He likes to swing high and fast!


Hi Rick,

I think this is what you're looking for;

(created by Jonikon)

Set AF mode to AF-C

a1 - AF-C priority set to* Focus* (this is very important!).
a3 - Set to OFF.
a6 - Number of focus points = 39
f5 - Assign AEL/AFL button to AF lock only.

I choose the number of AF point’s base on the requirements of my subject.
• 1 point for static objects.
• 9 points for slow or predictable direction moving subjects.

• 21 points for erratic moving subjects (like hummingbirds), that only fill a small portion of the scene.

With this AF set-up, keep your shutter button half pressed so the lens continuously adjusts focus until you actually fully depress the shutter. Focus and re-compose is accomplished by pushing and holding down the AFL button after subject focus is achieved.

I use these settings with great success. Obviously, when light gets low a flash is required. Focus settings won't change for flash but auto ISO etc. will.

Try these focus settings and see how they work for you.


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