Show me-don't talk about DOF FF vs u4/3

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Barney: I think we can learn from you! A hopefully reasoned response


Your knowledge of flowers is much greater than mine. I hope we read more of your opinions and that we can all learn from you. I have always loved flowers. I consider them to be beautifull, colorfull, sexy, delicate and very neccessary life forms on our earth. However for reasons unkonwn to me I am very ignorent of flowers and fauna types and names and hapitats and care. I am hoping that I can be inspired by you and make efforts of my own to aquire this missing knowledge.

I was kind of dense in my OP. All I wanted to say was how refreshing the image looked to me and I credited this with the sharpness achived at f/4 and the somewhat thin DOF of the overall field of view. I liked the clean file and the bokeh as well. I liked the color accuracy, considering it was about to storm and rain in a matter of minuits, I hurridly took several pictures. I should have used a tripod as I have some good ones including one with a full gimbal head and air suspension.

I liked the image so much that I wanted to share with my m4/3 friends. Alas as I was trying to word my OP what happened was I started to feel that my image would be unwelcomed because it came from an old Kodak FF DSLR and this effected my attitude and out of the blue I became a little nasty and challanging and confrontational. This was not my original intent at all. I tried to temper all this in my OP and especially subsequent replies to those that actually posted flowers and other images. Perhaps this thread may yet move towards a good learning experience for those who get past my OP and continue to talk about flowers and getting some good quality pictures of them. I hope so.

I am glad that I started this thread, but on hindsight I only wish I had remaind calm and not expected to be blasted as this largely ruined my OP. I was rwacting even before anyone said a sinle word. I am glad however for the opertunity to view the many flowers and images posted in ths thread that do show the nice narrow DOF and good bokeh of the m4/3 system.

I do have several older manual focus lenses that are capable of rendering nice images with narrow DOF, sharpness and good bokeh on m4/3. I usually do use them when taking picures that are important to me. However I notice I also use the sharp kit lenses like the Oly 17mm f/2.8, Oly 14-42 zoom and Panny 14-45 zoom. I think that's the reason why the Koak image got my attention. I have been using the wrong lenses all to often in m4/3. The Oly 17mm f/2.8 is fine but the zooms are not all that preferable for flowers and portraits, even though they are sharp. They lack subject isolation.

My Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux first version 1959 (cost me only $849 in 2005) is my favorite lens and the mild tele effect on m4/3 combined with a fast native f/1.4 aperture and a wonderfull sharpness wide open as well as very very good microcontrast makes this the best lens for flowers and portriats on m4/3 out of my 54 lenses. The ($180) second hand 85mm f/2 Zorki made M39 Leica screw mount lens is another good lens for these flowers and portraits. It's a russian made contax copy I think. It's a little difficult to use on my rangefinder Leica M5 and Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder due to the really narrow DOF at close focusing and also the mild telephoto compression that a native 85mm lens delivers. I am mentioning the prices paid only because one forum member in another thread thought I was bragging about having a lot of Leica and M and M39 glass. I have qty. (9) and non of them were expensive. So I do not see how one could interpret me as bragging about having Leica lenses once they understand I did not pay a lot of money for any of them. I always suggest m4/3 forum members to try and seek out the Leica glass as they are small, light weight and sharp with good microcontrast. I also use two other Leica M lenses just not as much lately. The Leica 90mm f/4 Elmar (collapsible), and the Leica 135mm f/4 Elmar. Both have been used a real lot with my Epson R-D1. They FL is really nice forflowers and the sharpness at f/4, f/5.6 is appreciated so I can keep the ISO down. I have not used either of them extensivly on my 3 m4/3 cameras to this date.

I am sorry to read that you have lost the use of one of your hands, but your photography is still excellent. M4/3 is indeed a good system for you, as it is for me. I am permenintly disabled as I was pushed off a cliff as a 6 year old child and now I have serious neck pain resulting from degenerative disk disease. So on any given day the pain can be so bad that it makes thing difficult. Perhaps without my ever realizing it but the pain may be effecting my photography. However, I usually use my cameras when the pain has ebded away enough so as tro allow me to concentrate and focus (no pun intended here).

Byw, I also love photographing birds in my yard and do this even more than my flowers, mostly because flowers are so fast to bloom and then it's over in a few day's, while birsd are always around and they are colorfull and very intelligent. I love them.
Please email me your image. Thanks -Peter

BigBarney wrote:

Peter Nelson wrote:

If only this were true!

I actually like all my cameras, m4/3, FF, crop, p&s, 35mm film and my (now lost when we moved) Large Format Fim camera.

Every once in a while I get an ipifany (spelling check please) like I just got for my FF Kodak DSLR the SLR/n. I guess when a person uses multiple formats, and then uses one more thant the others, going back to the others is such a pleasure. It opens one's eye's.

The correct spelling is epiphany.

I keep an image on my desktop of one of my favourite/favorite garden roses. It is a bloom from a floribunda 'Peace' rose shot against a background of a large bush of Photinia 'Red Robin'. The photinia has wonderful red and green mixed foliage, and I particulary wanted to see it rendered out of focus with good (to me) bokeh.

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