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tedolf my heartfelt advice to you

tedolf I am happy to see you posting again and not from the dead! Please continue to be involved here. I wish you the best of luck. I would suggest that you still be true to your inner self as I am absolutly certain you will be. But I will add, if you don't mind, that this resent experience here has tempered you just enough that you can get along better with others while you remain true to your self. I hope that you have learned that your opinions are welcomed, it's just that you should be mindfull of others and how they take your replies. You have in the past been somewhat "gruff" and tough. So what I am saying is please be certain from now on to not only express your opinions honestly as you always do (tough is ok- "gruff" should not be used), but to remember to do this in such a way that people can feel that what you wrote was sound, good constructive comments (the tough) and not rash, personnal, insulting etc (the "gruff"). You will be able to get along with people much better if you respect them. I hope that Tim in Upstate notices your new methods and that you and he can work together in helping forum members learn and improve. After all from what I have seen in two years is that is actually what you both are earnestly trying to do.
One 62 year old mans heartfelt opinon. -Peter

tedolf wrote:

Peter Nelson wrote:

Hi Tedolf, Nice to see you again.
Here we go:

Make a list of the must have pictures like you said and go over it with the Bride and Groom. Try to keep the list around 25 expected images.

Scope out the church a few day's before to learn what best ISO, Tv and lens to use. Become familiar with where you will be for the shots. Ask church member priest doing the ceramoney if flash is allowed. Obtain a quality flash and learn how to use it.
Day of wedding:
Brides house as she gets ready
Bride arrive at church
Inside of church
Walking down the isle
Brides maids
children carring the rings down the isle to alter
Exchanging vows the "I do" moments
Putting on the rings
First kiss as man and wife
Walking down the isle from alter
leaving the church moments of confetty
inside the limo-driving away

reception pic's include"
Bride's family
Grooms family
Bride and groom in friendly posses
throwing the boquett-and catching it
first bride and groom dance
dance with parents (all)
best man toast to newly wed's
Cutting the cake
eating the cake
Shot's of select relatives (ask bride and groom who to include)

Get shot's of each table and make sure the people are in the shots-not a lot of empty chairs.
That's good enough for a low budget wedding I think.

Carry a spare camera and lens. Carry spare batteries and SD cards as well.
Use fast primes 35mm, 50,, and 85mm or equivalence

Use low to ISO800 only going higher for a very few select shots when required. Stck with ISO 200-400 as much as possible. Hold the darn camera steady and remember to take charge by talking nice and giving friendly directions to all who you are photographing. This is their once in a life time moment som make sure they work with you on getting the good photographs it's your job to direct them in thier poses and I also sugest a little free style photography without any posing.
Let the bride and groom pay for all the printing costs and the wedding books.

So if the wedding photography is done for free simply hand over the SD cards when they come back from the Honeymoon. Perhaps make a copy of the wedding images on your hard drive and another DS card first.

Tell them where the best place to have prints made at the best price.-Or print themm your self. It's up to you if you ask for some reimbursement for the ink and paper costs. It was your time/skill that was your gift.
Life as an artist has had some unusual times to say the least.
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Very inclusive and helpful.

The only place I would disagree is with the album. A twenty patge album (40 sides, about two photo's per side average) only costs $19.99 at Ritz. Give it to the Bride and Groom as your wedding present.

You can do these totally on line now and the company wil mail it direclty to the happy couple.

You can always send them a CD in the mail if they want the originals and you want to give them away.


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Life as an artist has had some unusual times to say the least.
visit my web site http://www.flickr.com/photos/artist_eyes/
Remember to click on 'All Sizes' for better viewing.
Artist Eyes

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