Xpro-1 First Impressions

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Xpro-1 First Impressions

Firstly, let me say that I'm just a regular guy with no desire to do anything more than provide some information to prospective purchasers of the new Xpro-1.

I rented the camera from LensRentals. I got two lenses the 18mm and the 35mm.

I am getting ready to do a jewelry photo shoot for a local artist who makes and sells her own unique, handmade pieces.

Out of the box that it was shipped in, I turned it on and began shooting. I'm withholding any of those first shots, becuasue I deleted them (I was testing the camera after all)

But after today's shoot, I hope to post a few to illustrate the camera's image quality.

I would have to say, that everything people have said about this camera is true. From the fantastic image quality (I've tested it against my 5d and its close in my view), to the slow autofocus (nearly unbearable in darker situations), to some annoying quirks with things like the lens cap and hood, particularly on the 18mm (with the hood on, you cannot remove the lens cap, you have to take them both off).

The build quality of the camera is very good. It's not quite what I expected, which was a slightly heavier camera. A number of reviewers have mentioned the weight. I don't want to say it is built cheaply, because that's not the feeling of the camera. It is well built, solidly constructed. The only thing I feel might be considered cheap is the dial next to the view mode button...it does seem cheap. But, overall it feels nicely constructed and designed.

When I put the camera (with the 18mm mounted) as well as the 35mm with a case and a camera bag into my Dakine backpack, I was very pleased, as the light weight of the camera and the extra lens is a blessing, especially after lugging around a 5d or even 60d all day long.

Operation of the camera is relatively simple. I am sure there are things that I do not know, settings I could access, tweaks I could make, but this is a quick few day rental just to get a feel for the camera.

OK, so here's the rub. I can live with the sometimes slow autofocus, and the quirky lens hood/cap combination issue....but I'm hedging on the price. I spent a little over $200 for the rental and I'm glad I did, because now I know what I'll be getting for the $2200 or so with a single lens.

As you have no doubt seen from other posts with samples, the image quality is fantastic (my opinion), particularly at high ISO (Ive gone to 3200 and while there are some minor artifacts, it is still pretty amazing quality.

I have never shot with a Leica, which is a dream camera for me (I dont own one ONLY because of price), but the quality of this APSC camera is very very good.

So, I'm off to the shoot and will hopefully post something today or tomorrow.

Ciao for now

Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 60D
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