Having Trouble Finding a Travel Zoom

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Joseph... there is no perfect camera

You and I know this, but the OP is still searching for one. And he probably will be searching for it for the rest of his life.

Cameras are designed for different needs, different uses, and different budgets. Which is why there are several hundred different models available, and why there are dozens of product niches.

(Incidentally, this is also why there are many different types of toothpaste, cars, beer, screwdrivers, and cell phones marketed. If there was one perfect anything made, then we would all buy it, and none of the others could be sold. This is pretty much the point that the OP doesn't get, and probably never will get.)

Even within a particular product niche (like Travel Zooms, or Entry Level DSLRs) there will be wide disagreement over "which one is the best" because it just depends on each person's needs and preferences.

In reality, most serious shooters own more than one type of camera, from more than one brand. Because each one specializes in something and does something best. If you can only own one camera (or one screwdriver) then you must make some compromises....
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