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Re: hey welly

painterdude wrote:

Hi there Welly

Yup in the west have the right to believe what you wish ..but you should note where the concept of the individual, their value and rights came from, what informed English common law..and the laws of the west generally re the individual ..especially the US. Much of what frames our thinking in the west has come from roots not usually acknowledged.

As per Mr Dawkins..Yes his anger and campaigns of viseral hate, reveal a great insecurity of belief, but then he is attempting the impossible, that is, selling as true TRUTH the present claims and beliefs of science. Science as he very well knows, never ever claims to know what is true. The province of exhaustive ( infinite- knows all contingencies ) knowledge, is something mere men cannot ever posses.

Anwhoo as I have said I am an unbeliever in the present accepted narrative of spontanerous generation, of life and the universe. I am faced with the fact that all life comes from life ..never ever non life, and something never comes from nothing. If you can make that leap my hat goes off to you. I can't..just as I cannot accept anyones ideeer no matter how clever they may be, that they know truley and exhaustively what happened in the past.

This however is a convo for some other forum..and I will end by saying ..Grace and peace to you Welly. Thanks for the inter changes. As per usual we have fighting going on around and off the topic so I am outah this thread ..

all the best bro

And you have a good day over there,


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