Lens Choice for a Wedding in Mexico

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Re: Lens Choice for a Wedding in Mexico

A couple years ago I shot a wedding at the Mayan Riviera. It was my first destination wedding, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. At the time I was shooting Pentax (I'm Nikon now). By far my most used lens was the Pentax 16-50/2.8. I also used the 50-135 considerably. Looking at your list, you have nothing between 16 and 50mm. You'll definitely have to pick something up in this range!

The overwhelming suggesting so far has been for the 17-55 DX. I have this lens and love it. It pairs perfectly with the D300(s). Another option is the 16-85. It has a wider range and is much lighter (and cheaper). It depends on how you want to invest. If this is an outdoor wedding, you won't be using f/2.8 during the day... so the 16-85 would be plenty fast. You can save your low light work for the 50/1.8 or consider picking up a 35/1.8.

With regards to bringing a 2nd body, I agree fully that you need to have a backup. That said, the b/g are on a tight budget and also keep in mind that you are traveling to another country. How much valuable gear do you want to keep track of? Have you considered bringing a long a high quality point and shoot as backup? It'd be a much nicer camera to bring along on excursions too.

Finally, a really important thing to keep in mind. Mayan Riviera is HUMID! You'll especially notice this coming out of your air conditioned rooms. Without any exaggeration, I had to wait tens of minutes for my lenses and body to defog before i could even take a picture. Make absolute certain that you take this into account on the wedding day. Start climate adjusting your gear 30 minutes before you need it!

Hope this helps a bit,

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