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Re: Please correct if worng but that TC is cheapo and will yield crap results

Jerry Mucci wrote:

Thank you for posting those Amazon reviews. They are what prompted me to ask this question on this forum. There are a couple of negative reviews that said they couldn't make this teleconverter work at all . Maybe they didn't try it with manual focus; or maybe they didn't use it on the HS20? Others said at longer focal lengths you need to switch to manual focus and it works fine.

High quality or low quality optics shouldn't matter for autofocus performance. If any lens makes AF difficult or impossible compared with a similar lens that allows AF, they that non-focusing lens must be little better than a coke bottle.

I don't know about other users of the HS20, but I've found manual focus to be a pain to use - maybe I'm a bit short on patience. Perhaps on a tripod (which at these focal lengths you should use anyway) manual focus isn't as challenging.


I think that any 2.2x TC that sells for less than $80 new, almost by definition is a TC that will produce poorer images (worse contrast and resolution) than if you didn't use a TC at all, and simply upsized the photos using a photo editor. I tried the Raynox 2.2x TC and it was terrible , on the HS10 even though it sold for more than $200. The much cheaper Sony 1758 (1.7x) produced better images than the Raynox, but not sufficiently better to make me want to use it more than very rarely.

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