Good Lightbox for Food

Started May 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
nikoboivin Regular Member • Posts: 157
Re: Good Lightbox for Food

The ideal lighting for food photography is back lighting. On a budget, the easiest way to work is by having a large light source behind your plate (on an angle, ideally) and then bring two fill cards (white pieces of cardboard do very vell) to bring that light back into the front of the plate.

Now your problem is probably going to be finding a large light source at under a 100$. You can get a 33" translucent umbrella for about 10$ on ebay, leaving you 90$ for a flash. At that price, you might be able to get a decent speedlight and some yongnuo triggers from ebay.

And count 2-3$ for the good quality white cardboard

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