Success PC Port output on HVL-F7S (Sony NEX) without PREFLASH!!!

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clever idea. But preserve $35 flash with $37 extender?

fototakas: proposal will be to modify flash extender FA-EX1S, not the flash itself:

Inside extender there is some space for the transistor, you just need to add PC sync port.

Am jealous for not thinking of this clever idea.

It is also true that you are describing spending $37 dollars or so for a physically unnecessary extender. So that you don't have to modify a flash unit that you probably already have, or can be purchased for around $35 to $40 dollars.

It has taken me some time to quit worrying about "wrecking" a piece of equipment that costs less than many lens hoods. We're making a $60-dollars-in-parts standard flash sync adapter, that's even a wireless sync transmitter at that . We're not trying to preserve an amateur near-throwaway flash unit (that happens to have a sophisticated microprocessor in it that can "tell" the Nex camera that there's a flash connected, etc).

The new point of view includes no worrying about wrecking the Sony flash, or wrecking a $17 dollar Yongnuo RF-603 radio remote flash trigger. Let's just chop the little flash and trigger up to get what we want in as small and as light a package as possible. Discard all unnecessary components like flash tubes, flash capacitor, RF-603 battery etc.

There are many reasons to get into the Sony flash unit if all you really want is a radio trigger adapter. Get rid of the big, relatively heavy capacitor in it that just sucks up power and delays the flash's cycle time for no reason. Disconnect and discard the fragile flash tube. By the way in discarding those components, now you are making plenty of room inside the Sony flash to put the new transistors and resistors needed make it trigger the RF-603.

Glue the Sony flash into the down position so that it doesn't flop around. Reroute the flash power so that it goes through the topmost RF-603 on-off switch, which becomes the master off switch for both the Sony flash and the RF-603.

The RF-603 already has a PC sync port on it, nice. Though for many folks, who cares really, the whole idea is to make a radio trigger. To perhaps another light weight, $17 dollar RF-603 which itself has a PC sync port, etc.

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