This is why I got the D800

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Re: This is why I got the D800.... plans for mounting?

Over the years, Photoshop has improved their photo merging significantly. In CS5 they do a great job of adjusting the sky exposure to match; plus, because I manually fix exposure, the indivudual images almost spot-on to start with. I did zero adjustments on this one after merging. I recommend trying 15% overlap with CS5 and I suspect you will find it does real good. I have the 7880 and on occassion wish I had a 9880. Oh well.

uncletim wrote:

I know the "Picture This" guys. It will turn out great.

The only thing I would offer is; consider overlapping more. 50% is what most developers suggest. Anything less and you can get tiger stripping over the sky due to uneven exposure.

I print on an Epson 9880, 44 inch wide printer. I like controlling the entire process because I'm a control freak. But if I didn't, I would use the "Picture This" guys.

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