The X10 was made for (photos of) grandchildren...

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Re: Thanks for the comments!

Very well stated; glad to hear you are enjoying your X10.

TomJ wrote:

Much appreciated.

At four months old, I already have a collection of hundreds of "keeper" shots of our grand daughter made with the X10 beginning the night she was born. Shots that could have been made with other cameras, too, no doubt, but the X10 is the camera I bought for this and other purposes, and it continues to deliver. For most family events and occasions I do not want to carry a larger camera, a couple of lenses, or other gear...I carry that stuff around day in and out as a commercial photographer. It's nice to be free of a lot of the "trappings" of photography and still be able to capture high quality fleeting moments and expressions using a small camera with a nice fast lens.

Of course, all the credit should never go to the camera...any camera. One still has to take responsibility for their ability or inability to create meaningful images with whatever tool they choose. I have found the X10 to be a very capable camera for a wide range of uses. Enabling me to share my vision and communicate through images which is my goal regardless of which camera I am using.

It is true that as time goes by and our grand daughter becomes more mobile, capturing this activity could become more of a challenge for a camera like the X10, but not impossible. I've already photographed my very active young great nieces and nephews engaged in all sorts of high energy activities and the X10 has been up to the task. All cameras have their limitations, but the X10 continues to impress me with it's broad range of capability, speed, and image quality especially compared to most other compact cameras. It is much more than just another P&S and it's a camera that after almost 7 months of ownership, I still look forward to every chance I get to use it!

Have a look at some of my other recent X10 work with trains if you care to. This collection of images opens as a monthlong exhibition in a local gallery on June 2. The prints are 13.5" tall by 18" wide, printed (by me) on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper and are absolutely wonderful. The RAW files that the X10 produces have a lot of latitude in them and stand up quite well to all the post processing "torture" I put them through.

And if you are in the north Texas area, I hope to see you at the opening reception at OXIDE Gallery in Denton, TX on Saturday, June 2, from 6-8pm.



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