Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Re: The progression of a definition

I don't doubt what you say about what the term full frame in its meaning in the film world, back in the day. I'm simply pointing out that in today's digital world the term "full frame" has come to mean a sensor that is specifically 36x24mm, not 18x13mm.

MadsR wrote:

Go back a few decades and see what 35mm otherwise have been called

And yes, it actually started out as "double frame" because it used 2 movie frames (by turning the film horizontally instead of vertically). And for all the guys now rediculing the smalle 4/3 sensor and a real sensor is 35mm were quite outnumbered by the guys rediculing the tiny 35mm film (relatively speaking)...

I too wrongly refer to 35mm as FF here and people understand what I say... That does not make it more correct...

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