Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Re: Interesting point

jim stirling wrote:

RoyGBiv wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

It could be due to a slighyl larger DoF or

switching from FF to mFT gives you double the DOF so hardly slight

It's pretty substantial. Meaningfully substantial. Tangibly substantial. I agree...which is why I think constant f/2.0 zooms for m4/3 makes alot of sense. It doesn't hit parity...but it the difference isn't nearly as extreme DoF-wise. And my goal is not to achieve parity; it's to achieve a useful set of shooting characteristics. The advantage wrt exposure latitude paired with progress in sensor response fidelity...makes m4/3 a nooo brainer for me, if my lenses hit the right spec.

I think that constant F2 zooms would invariably be larger, heavier and a lot more expensive contradicting the rationale of mFT for many users. I quite like the idea of very fast primes for the specialist uses combined with F2.8 constant aperture zooms. But we all have different needs and wants and as a dual system user FF and mFT {almost perfect combo} i may have a different perspective

Yep, we all have different needs. Mine is more of a one-kit-does-it-all type of requirement.

Larger, heavier, and more expensive than a mft prime for sure. But smaller, and lighter than any dslr version of the same lens, therefore not a contradiction of the mft rationale at all. In fact I would argue that m4/3's rationale has more to do with versatility and balance than it does with absolute smallness (which would fall to Nikon's mirrorless platform). Ultimately, if your kit fits in less than half the space...that's quite appealing. If small size is your rationale, m4/3 can do the job. If capable platform is your rationale, m4/3 can do the job. That's the beauty of m4/3.

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