What is the best software for my needs? Pan GX1

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Re: What is the best software for my needs? Pan GX1

chalky46 wrote:

Hi all

I basically need a good software that's better than silkypix For editing raw and editing home and holiday video.

I've been on eBay and can get photoshop pro x3 for £16 but I need to know what people think of photoshop or is there better for what I need?

Thanks for advice

No such animule. Sounds as though you're talking Paint Shop Pro X3 and that is now out in X4. You would do better with X4 for slightly more money.

I use Paint Shop Pro X4 and find it to be as satisfying as Photo Shop for far less money.

All of the following were done in PSP though some used plugins.

Here cleaned up backgroung and changed to B&W


Can you remove brides maid from behind groom?


Love colour on B&W. Done with Quick Mask & smart sharpen!







All said this is NOT video but still photography. If you truly want video you're in the wrong forum!

Vaya Con Dios

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