Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Honestly the iPhone does deliver

You chose to call my mentioning the iPhone 4s, BS.

This even though I own a d7k and some very nice glass especially the 85mm f1.4.

Like I said I'm fully aware of the IQ difference especially in low light. BUT, the iPhone is light, small, always with me, doesn't require an extra charger. So I find that I just more and more of my shooting, with it.

You can go to my Flickr page which I think is given in my profile, and see for yourself.

Basically I want a to that's always with me. A DSLR can't do that be it on commute, business travel, various sports, you name it. Nor can a mirrorless system camera (but at least it will be able to AF while filming, and not require AF fine tuning).

You are in full denial. But frankly I think it is a big question for camera makers: will they still sell anything to the public, apart from a crowd of conservative die hard enthusiasts and some pros, the day liquid lenses allow an iPhone 5 or 6 with a 5x zoom lens, and the day sensor technology allows that thing to be clan enough at ISO 640 in low light?

And what happens to retailers of these cameras?

There's a good reason compact camera sales are collapsing - they're becoming fully redundant. And the same will happen to bigger cameras.

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