Having Issues with my Raynox DCR-150

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Re: Shooting through glass?

jb2u wrote:

One thing that’s most important if your using the EVF is to make sure what you see in there is in focus, what I do is to place the camera on a tripod with IS off and set the lens to AF, half press the shutter to activate the AF now adjust the dioptric wheel till what you see through the EVF comes sharp, a lot of people have never done this and if sure helps when your down on your knees rocking back and forth lol

Whopinator wrote:

R2, Question, if using flash for one of these shots, wouldn't having the camera so > close to the object being shot cause an insane amount of flash in the pic?

Yes, but macro shooter know what to do, I always work in manual and if I am using onboard flash I will set the camera to ISO 100 aperture around f/11 speed say 1/125 and take a test shot, if the subject is blown out then to much light hit the subject, so to compensate close the lens down to f/16 or adjust the shutter to 1/250, a diffuser in front of the flash also helps to soften the light and hold it back too depending on what you use! It takes practice but once you get the jist all starts to make sense.

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Thank you Jim! Thanks all very helpful info!

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