tough choice between DA 15mm or 21mm LTD

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Re: tough choice between DA 15mm or 21mm LTD

klimbkat wrote:

I have the DA 15, though not the 21. On review of my zoom shots, I rarely used anything in that range - either wider or more zoom. As others have mentioned, the 15 is pretty wide for street photography, but if you can get close and/or get a nice perspective, the results are stunning. Here's a shot with the DA 15 of my granddaughter telling her sister 2,000 miles away about the Cuban food that just arrived while sitting outside at Pambiche, Portland OR, on a lovely spring day.

Great shot, klimbkat.

I had the 21 a few years ago with the K10D; temporarily was Pentax-less but am now back in the fold. I think the 21 is a versatile lens - lots of uses and practical. But I always wanted a wider lens like the 15, which while tricky to use well, looks great when it is used well. As someone said above, the 21 + 70 are a good combo; I think the 15 + 35macro + 70 are, too; just a little more to deal with, but fun.

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