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Re: Beginner photos...

You look like on the right track and practice definitely makes perfect. Work on your composition by planning your shots - stop and think about what you want your picture to look like in your mind. This will get you out of the point-and-shoot mentality

One simple thing that would improve the photos would be to not zoom in too much and give the object of interest some context. For example, the toy car on some sort of rock base shows exactly just that, but if you took the shot from a much lower angle it will open up the background and allow the viewer to appreciate the surrounding. This can also make the car 'pop' more since you can use a shallow depth of field (small f-number) to make the background blurry. You can also do this with the tennis net by showing a blurred court in the background.

Keep shooting, learning, trying new things and most of all have fun with the camera!

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