OM-D E-M5 EVF is not really live - what have I missed?

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Re: OM-D E-M5 EVF is not really live - what have I missed?

It's live on mine! Gets darker when I underexpose, brighter when I over.

Must be something I did in the menus.

antdp wrote:

It's like this: if I set it to S mode and then turn the shutter speed up, there comes a point when the lens is open fully and the Fnumber indicator blinks.

But the picture in the EVF doesn't get darker as I keep increasing the shutter speed. So when I take the picture, it's underexposed. The EVF is not showing me what the result will really be. It's just allowing me to frame an underexposed shot.

However, the Sony R1 EVF gets darker under similar circumstances, so you can see what you are about to get, and decide if you like that effect.

I prefer the latter way of using the EVF. How do I make the E-M5 do that?

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