Forbes: Steve Ballmer worst CEO

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Re: Forbes: Steve Ballmer worst CEO

It is a long list with many opportunities squandered by so many talentless CEO's put into power by incompetent boards of directors. Look at HP's boards last 3 selections for the CEO position or Apple putting in first Sculley and then Amelio.

But Forbes as a capitalistic bias. I would consider the CEO's at the coal and natural gas fracking and oil companies that hire mercenaries to kill anyone who opposes them and leave a wide swath of destruction behind and superfund sights in the USA and environmental disasters that poison future generations as with Shell in Nigeria and Chevron in Bolivia.

People seem to be unaware that it was the top 25 leading CEO's of Germany that funded the Nazi Party's rise to power and that put Hitler into power as the chancellor. I would put Alfred Krupp and the Koch Brothers at the top of my list of CEO's that are not simply "bad" but truly evil.

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