Lens selection advice, for night photography.

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Re: Lens selection advice, for night photography.

cpt kent wrote:

"The Voigtländer Nokton 25mm includes a screw-on metal hood and TWO lens caps, one for the lens and a larger one for the hood!"

It's partly about "cost", also about "value for money".

I believe I could find more uses for a 25mm/.95 than a 12mm/2.0, and if it turned out to be the most used lens I owned, then the price wouldnt bother me.

I added the lens hood and cap bit as a poke at the Oly "lens tax".

The Voigtländer 25mm is incredibly useful. Night, day, close-ups, street shooting... it's my most used lens by far. If I had to give up all my native lenses, I'd keep it, though I'd probably have a very long debate over the 7-14mm.

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