which one is to buy ? Nex-7 or A65 ?

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Re: which one is to buy ? Nex-7 or A65 ?

OKAY...!!! its time for the descission ..

But First, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your time your fair openion..i really appreciated...

So, i have descided to go for a65. and i have decided on this logic.

Since size does matter in this case too.... but i am not worrird about the size and weight right now.

Atlest i can buy a decent camera with decent lens in less $$$. Also i wanna take a chance for nex(t) camera. there must be some improvements in nex9 for sure.

And i can always use alpha lenes with nex, but not the otherway around.

So, i think a65 is the best option for me right now.... just last question. what lens should i buy with a65? ppl are talking bad about the kit lens, and i need walk around lens too . so i have descided for 18-200 mm...is it ok ? is there any fast lens available ?

Please feel free to comment... again thank you for your comments.

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